Share Safe

Share Safe is an easy way for you to share documents, photos, business information or any other digital content in a secure and safe manner.

The service is a combination of software products from eFolder and F-Secure. A small program is installed on your PC or Android powered mobile device. That program creates a "Sync" folder on your device that ties it to the "Sync" folder on every other device you add to your account.

Basic facts about the service:

  1. Files copied to the Sync folder on one device appear in the Sync folder on all other devices.
  2. Files are automatically downloaded to PC's so they are ready for viewing and or editing.
  3. Files on mobile devices are not downloaded until you say so. This saves mobile data and storage space.
  4. Sync folder access on mobile devices is protected by a 4 digit PIN.
  5. There is one primary account with each subscription.
  6. You can add as many guest accounts as you want.
  7. You decide which people can add files, update or delete files.
  8. Administer your own account or let us do it for you.

How We Operate

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