Three Steps to Protect Your Information and Computer:

The following steps can be used to safeguard your important information and provide
a high degree of security for your computer.

The key to security is to have a recent copy of all of your important files.

As long as you have a recent copy of your files, it doesn't matter what happens to your
computer. The equipment can be repaired or replaced. Your files can not.

Protect it...

Always have network security software installed with a valid subscription. It can take less than 10 minutes to infect an unprotected computer when connected directly to the Internet.

Mark your calendar for when the subscription needs to be renewed.

Back it up...

Take the time to locate your important files, photos and Emails and save a copy to a DVD, an external USB drive or an on-line storage.

Computers can be replaced but not your files and photos. Once your backups are done, make sure that the files were saved properly by looking at them.

Clean it up...

After you've backed up your important files, remove any files or programs that you no longer use. This will free up space on your computer and possibly make it run faster.

If you're like us, and have gone through a number of different printers. Odds are that you still have the software for those old printers installed and, in some cases, still running. Uninstalling this software can help improve your systeem's performance.

After you've removed the unwanted files and programs, run the Dist Cleanup program to remove temporary files on your computer. You'll find it under All Programs -- Accessories -- System Tools.

Patch it up...

Make sure that your computer is set to run Windows update. Leave the computer turned on at least twice a week so that updates can be installed. It's okay to let the computer go to sleep. It will wake up at the right time.

Speed it up.

Here are some additional things you can do to speed up your computer.

Remove programs that you don't need.

Change the performance settings to turn off some of Windows bells and whistles.

Disable some programs that start automatically when windows does.

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