Supporting Your Family

Running a family can be just as hard or harder than running a business. You have financial information, appointments to schedule and a house to take care. Add to that some combination of desktop computers, laptops, tablets, smartphones and digital cameras to manage.

We can help you keep it all organized, running smoothly and protected.

Protection via the Internet

You need to back up your important files. There are financial records, Email messages, school reports and lots and lots of digital photos. Some of those things have great emotional value. They are priceless. We can help you locate them, get them organized and provide a combination of local and cloud based backups to give you peace of mind.

Local backups are convenient and can help you quickly recover that school report or digital photo that you accidentally deleted.

Cloud based backups help when you're away from home and want a copy of some of your files or photos. Our data storage service is a secure, reliable and affordable solution.

Protection from the Internet

The Internet is a virtual world that mimics the real world in a lot of ways. Some good. Some not so good. We can help here too.

We have software and equipment that will help protect your children and your computers from the not-so-good.

Fun and Productivity

Mixed with the tax software, student schedules, report writing and research should be some fun. Computers have this amazing ability to amplify and augment our imagination. There are so many wonderful and amazing programs out there to be discovered and enjoyed.

We can help you get the best performance from your computer so you can run the programs that put a smile on your face, nurture your creativity and turbo charge your imagination.

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