Handyman Computer Services, LLC is now offering an on-line Data Storage Service (DSS) for its residential and business customers.  We’ve partnered with a respected service provider in the on-line storage industry to come up with backup plans that, we believe, are unique within the market.


A variety of competitively priced storage plans to fit any need.  Whether you want a fixed amount of space to distribute amongst several computers or you want a varying amount of space to accommodate seasonal business needs; we have a plan that will work for you.

Plan features:

·         Simple storage plans for residential and home office environments.

·         Variable storage plans to allocate across multiple computers and servers.

·         Web based file recovery to access files from any Internet connection.

·         Web based administration of your account.

·         Easy to understand Email notices to keep you informed.


Every home and business has information that is important.  Most often, people don’t have the time or resources to organize their digital photos, important files and financial records.   We see this need growing right along with the volume of information and we want to help. 


We evaluated a number of on-line service providers and found one that offers some of the highest levels of security possible.  All data is encrypted during transfer and while in storage.  You are the only person who can access your files.

Two additional factors were important to us from the start.  The software had to be reliable and the status messages easy to understand.   The program is small, easily configured and very reliable.  You can adjust the backup settings a number of ways so that file backups are performed when you’re done working or they run quietly in the background.

Just to be sure we made the right decision;  we installed and have been using the software for several months to safeguard our business information.  We weren’t about to sell the product to our customers if we didn’t feel it was good enough for our own use.  We plan to keep using it.


We took this reliable and secure backup platform and wrapped it up into a package designed to give you piece of mind.  For us, it isn’t just about installing software and sending a bill.  It’s about taking the time to work with you to make sure we’re backing up the right information. 

When a status Email or web page shows that your backups were successful, it means that your business is protected; the accounting files are safe, the presentation you completed during a business flight was backed up as soon as you landed.

How we get there is by sitting down with each customer and performing an audit.  We work with you to identify what’s important and where it’s stored.   We also ask about important information that isn’t documented and we work with you to have it digitally recorded. 

Next, we install and configure the backup software according to your needs.    Once we’re sure we have the right files and folders selected, we schedule the backups to work with your schedule.

Last and most important, we monitor the backups.  We check them frequently to make sure that they run as expected.   If something is wrong, we check the on-line logs to see where the problem is and then connect remotely to your computer to resolve it.  If on-line resolution is not possible, we come on-site to address the problem.


You determine your level of involvement all through the process and long after installation.  You’re informed of events that affect the service at the level you are comfortable with.  You get a copy of the audit information and Email notices are configured to keep you appropriately informed.   We give you piece of mind without Email overload.

You choose if you want to be hands-on, hands-off or just check the service once in a while.  Hands-on usage means that we teach you how to use the software to restore individual files and folders.  Hands-off usage means that you contact us and we restore the requested files for you.


Please contact Handyman Computer Services, LLC for a free trial.   Call 630-234-4088 or send an Email to info@handymancomputers.com.  We believe that once you’ve had a chance to try the service, you will see the value and want to sign up.


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