Supporting Your Business

You have a business to run, that's where you want to be spending your time.

We take care of your computers, network and peripherals. You take care of business.


We have solutions to back up your business files locally and in the Cloud. It's important to save your business files so that you can continue to run your business if and when a hard drive fails or something happens and you cannot use your computer.

Local backups also help when you've accidentally deleted a file or you don't like the days worth of changes you made in a presentation and want to restore a previous version.

Cloud based backups help when you're away from the office and need a copy of a business report. If your computer crashes or you loose access to your office equipment. Our Data Storage Service is a secure, reliable and affordable solution.

Going further, we can implement a Business Disaster Recovery (BDR) Plan that virtualizes your business server or office computer on backup hardware while the faulty equipment is being fixed. Instead of being down for half a day or more, you can be back up and operating within minutes.


We check the performance of your office computers and suggest upgrades and, if the situation warrants it, replacements for older equipment which is preventing you from being more productive.

Whether you're a small business with a few employees or a larger business with a dozen or more staff, we can help each of them be more productive with their time.


Technology is constantly evolving. Newer computers and new peripheral devices are being designed to get information in and out of the programs that you use to run your business all the time.

We work to understand your business and suggest ways that you can use new technology to streamline your work and make you be more efficient.

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